As part of its staff development function, CHERTL helps to support the orientation of academics new to Rhodes University. Orientation is viewed as a process that is continuous, based on the idea that we are constantly learning and adapting to our roles and responsibilities. Orientation is also regarded as a process which involves the academic themselves together with the Human Resources Division, Heads of Departments, and colleagues (including academics at CHERTL).

All academics new to Rhodes are strongly encouraged to attend the Academic Orientation Programme (AOP) which takes place each year towards the end of January. The programme is focused on ‘Being an academic at Rhodes’ in general and supporting spaces of teaching and learning in particular. The AOP is comprised of three parts. The first part is framed around the three core functions of the University: Teaching and learning, research and community engagement and draws heavily on expertise that exists in the University. The second part of the programme is aimed at people new to teaching (though it is open to anyone who would like to attend) and deals with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of teaching. Interactive workshop sessions are facilitated by CHERTL academics who focus on aspects of facilitating learning including presenting, using lecture facilities and assessment. The third part of the programme focuses on ‘Digital Teaching and Learning and introduces academics to the Learning Management System used at Rhodes, RUconnected and to other technologies for teaching and learning. Although AOP is organised by CHERTL colleagues, presenters and facilitators also include university leadership, including the VC and DVCs and Deans, staff who have received awards for being distinguished in the areas of teaching, research and community engagement, as well as other academic staff across the disciplinary spectrum. The Programme includes introductions to the library, the staff unions and a walking tour of the campus.

In addition to the full Academic Orientation Programme offered at the beginning of the year, CHERTL offers a mini AOP in August, for lecturers who join Rhodes after January. This does not cover what is accomplished in the main programme but serves to welcome staff and introduce them to the three core functions of the University and how these are supported. In particular we share the different ways in which CHERTL supports academics in meeting their responsibilities. This is by no means a substitute for the full programme and thus staff are strongly recommended to attend the full programme at the first opportunity.

CHERTL supports the ongoing orientation and development of academic staff through one-on-one consultations, showcases, workshops and various other events throughout the year. In addition, CHERTL also offers a short course and a qualifications which are focused on a scholarly engagement with the enhancement of teaching and learning in the University. These are the CATALyst Course (Conversations about Teaching, Assessment and Learning) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education


For further information about the Academic Orientation Programme please contact Prof Lynn Quinn 

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