Sexual assault

A sexual assault is not always perpetrated by a stranger - it can happen on a date or by someone you know. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, know who to call for a lift home, or always have a cell phone or small change to make a phone call.

Note that the more alcohol consumed, the less aware and more vulnerable you become. Do not accept drinks from strangers and keep an eye on your drink at all times. Remember to go out and return in a group and allocate a designated driver for the trip home.

In the case of a sexual assault:

  • Call a friend, relative or Warden and go straight to the RU Health Care Centre (Sanatorium).

  • Call the Campus Protection Unit on 046-603.8146/7 or 8999

  • Ensure that the matter is reported to the local SAPS (046-603.9111) as soon as possible (this is advisable, but you will not be forced to report the matter to the police).

  • Do not take a bath or shower or change clothes, as important evidence will be lost.

  • Contact Acting Deputy Dean of Students, Dr Colleen Vassiliou (c.vassiliou(at) / 046 603 8181), Student Counsellor (counsellingcentre(at) / 046-603.7070), family, friends or a Psychologist for support.

Policies and procedures are in place to support staff and students in the event of harassment or sexual assault:

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 046-603.8146/7 or 8999 (emergencies)

  • Email: cpu(at)

  • Map: search "Campus Protection Unit" at

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