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Vision and Mission


Rhodes University’s vision is to be an outstanding internationally-respected academic institution which proudly affirms its African identity and which is committed to democratic ideals, academic freedom, rigorous scholarship, sound moral values and social responsibility.



In pursuit of its vision the University will strive to produce outstanding internationally-accredited graduates who are innovative, analytical, articulate, balanced and adaptable, with a life-long love of learning; and to strive, through teaching, research and community service, to contribute to the advancement of international scholarship and the development of the Eastern Cape and Southern Africa.
Accordingly, the University undertakes

  •  to develop shared values that embrace basic human and civil rights;
  • to acknowledge and be sensitive to the problems created by the legacy of apartheid, to reject all forms of unfair discrimination and to ensure that appropriate corrective measures are employed to redress past imbalances;
  • to create a research-based teaching and learning environment that will encourage students to reach their full potential, that is supportive of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and that will produce critical, capable and skilled graduates who can adapt to changing environments;
  • to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning by providing staff and students with access to relevant academic development programmes;
  • to provide an attractive, safe and well-equipped environment that is conducive to good scholarship and collegiality;
  • to provide a safe and nurturing student support system as well as a diverse array of residential, sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities that will foster the all-round development of our students, the university and the region as a whole;
  • to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre and to provide development programmes for staff at all levels;
  • to promote excellence in research and other creative endeavours;
  • to play an active role in promoting inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration within the Eastern Cape Province;
  • where appropriate, to assist in the development of the Eastern Cape Province by making available the university’s expertise, resources and facilities;
  • to play a leading role in establishing a culture of environmental concern by actively pursuing a policy of environmental best practice;
  • to strive for excellence and to promote quality assurance in all its activities.

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